Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Covers That Need a Redesign!

This week's topic is The top ten books I would like to redesign. Let's face it, sometimes when books get published, some books come out absolutely horrible, or it just doesn't fit the story well. Here are the top ten books I really wish they would change!
 While I don't think this cover is bad, I loved the original cover! The original cover was so beautiful and it just looked so magical. Why they changed it I don't know, but this cover looks more of a hoax than the original.
 Why oh why did they have to put this specific picture on Covet?! It looks absolutely horrific! The model looks like she is stoned, she has on way too much eye shadow, her hair is weird, it all looks just so wrong!!! Doesn't it look like they made her try to look like Lady Gaga? Well, it wasn't a good job in my opinion.
 Why did they have to change the cover of the Crewel series?!?! I loved, loved, loved the original cover! It was just so different and unique. The colors were vibrant, the hardcover was bright green, and the font was pretty. Now when I look at this cover, I just feel let down. The color is bland, I don't care for the model, and I don't like the hourglass they put on it.
 I don't like both covers from this series to be honest. The old Starters cover looked scary and I felt the model didn't fit the story. Now the new model fits better with the story, but I still don't like it. There's something off putting about it that I can't quite put my finger on.
 What were they thinking when they chose this as their cover for this book? I guess I can understand a little why the model looks high because the main character is drugged up through out half the book. I feel it could have been done with more taste though. What's with the pony too? I don't get it, or the whole cover for that matter.
 Another cover change that I do not agree with. This one is not horrible, but I prefer the original cover. The font on the last one was lovely, where as this one is too blocky.
 This cover is okay, but I feel the photo shopping could have been done better on the model. The dragon looks more realistic than the girl when you see it in person. Like I said though, it's not bad, but the photo shopping needs to be better.
 What happened to this book compared to the others in the series? This book looks like it was made in the 80's/90's! I'm not sure if it was horrendous photo shopping again, but it looks like they went back a generation lol.
 Ugh another horrible photo shopping job. At first when I saw the cover it looked pretty. The more I started looking at it though, and actually seeing it in person really put me off. First, the model looks disproportionate, too gangly looking maybe? And her face looks weird (like its faded out).

I know this is a horror book and its meant to be scary, but this book gives me the heebee jeebees!!! Every time I see it, I pass on through real fast so that way I do not have to look into those eyes haha. I just don't like it, change it!
So that's my list! What books do you believe need a cover change? Link up your TTT in the comments!

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